Getting Ready For your Estate Sale

What Do I Do? What Should I Not Do?


Don’t  sell off items before the Estate Sale evaluation! There are dealers who  sell various high end goods, collectables, and antiques who want to get  your items for as little as possible! Those are the items that will  help bring more people to your sale. If you sell the more valuable items  before the Estate Sale you may not have enough value items for us to  conduct a sale. We sell the household goods as well as these better  items at a reasonable commission rate.

Don't try  to decide what's good or not. The success of an estate sale depends on a  large variety of contents. If you toss out, or donate items beforehand  you could be throwing away or donating hundreds of dollars or more worth  of goods and collectibles. What would remain may not be enough to draw a  diverse crowd to your Estate Sale. Remember your trash may be someone  else’s treasure. Let us decide what should be kept and what should go  into the trash sometimes even those 1/2 full bottles of laundry  detergent, cleaners, etc. can be sold.

Never clean or Repair any artwork, antique items, coins, or collectables as cleaning or repairing them could damage them or diminish their value.

Take any personnel family paperwork, pictures, and keepsakes.

Remove any items that are not going to be sold. The set-up process is most  efficient when a potential client has thoroughly separated all the items  that you or your family members want to keep prior to our first  consultation. However all items being kept must be removed or gathered  together before we enter into our contract. Our commission rate and  decision to conduct an estate sale is based on those items that you tell us are for sale.

Remove all prescription medications from the house.

Leave  vintage and newer looking unstained designer clothing, nice suites and  that you want to sell.  Remove stained or worn out clothing,used undergarments  and the clothing items that you are going to keep.

Leave the items for sale which are in the cabinets and closets. We take care of the sorting and displaying.

Leave shopping bags found in the house. We offer them to customers for their purchases at the Estate sale.

We will need the title and keys for any vehicle, boat, camper or trailer in the Estate sale.

Don't remove any items after our contract has been signed.

Relax  and let a professional Estate Sale Liquidator handle all the details.  In our Estate Sale Process we prepare, price,  and sell your items as we ready your home or property for resale or broom clean to vacate before your real estate closing.