Shopping Tips - Procedures - Policies



 We Accept cash and most major credit and debit cards. Our tagged and negotiated prices include a 3% cash discount. That 3% is added back to all credit card purchases.

Items are not sold prior to the sale! This gives everyone a fair opportunity on every item when we first open the sale. On occasion the family or the owner of the estate may remove an item for sale after we have posted photos, but it is rare for that to happen.

 All Items are Sold 'As Is'. PLEASE CAREFULLY INSPECT OR TEST ALL ITEMS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE THEM AS All Sales Are Final - No Returns or Exchanges once payment has been taken. Hidden Gems Estate Sales LLC is not liable or responsible for any misinformation, Nor do we guarantee the authenticity or working order of items sold. 

No Prices will be given out Prior to Sale or over the phone. We try to keep our prices reasonable compared to current market trends, so please come in shop, have fun and find some bargains…perhaps just what you’re looking for, your hidden gem. 


 We will honor a watched list but anyone not present when your name is called to enter will be crossed off the list, so be present to insure your spot. We will let the appropriate number of people in to keep the sale safe, secure, and to help prevent overcrowding.

If you decide you want to buy a larger item that you can’t carry while you continue to shop, please have it marked SOLD by a staff person so it isn’t sold to someone else. If you have us mark an item sold it is your commitment that you will pay for that item before you exit the sale since we are taking that item off sale and no other patrons can purchase it. 

 Any children should be supervised closely. Anyone running, fighting, arguing, or shoving will be asked to leave. Shoplifters will be prosecuted. We use security cameras.  


 Policies Continued

We are Not Responsible or Liable for any Accidents or Injuries. ENTER the property AT YOUR OWN RISK.
We reserve the right to remove for sale or reprice any item we feel has been priced by mistake or a price tag might have been (accidentally) switched or changed from its originally intended selling price.   

Our staff is not allowed to assist in moving or dismantling items for you.
Larger Items must be picked up prior to the end of the final day of the sale bring your own tools, equipment and moving vehicle. Leave extra time for any items you may need to dismantle.

Buyer must finish any dismantling and moving of your item(s) well before closing hour of the sale’s final day. We are bound by contact to clear out the estate on a timely basis. Therefore,  any items that are not picked up by closing time of the last day of the sale will be disposed of. The buyer will not get a refund or credit of any kind if their items are not picked up on time.  

In the case of inclement weather you must remove your shoes. Booties will be provided.
There are no public bathrooms available during the course of our sales.

Please pay attention to all posted parking regulations, please be respectful of the neighbors and please do not block any driveways or sidewalks. 

Please keep the estate driveway clear for pick up use only.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or group for any reason and to limit the number of people on the premises at any time.

Discount Days!! 

Everyone loves a bargain!

We usually discount on later days or the last day of an estate sale. These discount days and the percentage of discount will be posted online!  


Our goal is that everyone has a safe and pleasant experience, so come shop, enjoy and have fun! 

Our Bid Box - How it works

Our Bid Box -   If you want to take a chance on getting an item below that days selling price, there is a bid box at the cashier table. You may leave a bid at a price lower than that day’s asking price but please be sure you really want that item. Bids are turned in at the end of each day.

After the first day each morning we call any bids that have been accepted up to the morning of the last day of the Estate Sale. Please be ready to return, pay for, and pick up the item(s) before the last day’s closing time. 

Be aware in bidding you are taking a chance that the item you desire may sell at a higher price and you might lose the opportunity to buy the item before it is sold.

This is how it works: For example, an item may be priced at $100. You might not want to spend quite that much, but you also know that if it doesn't sell for $100, it will get snapped up right away at a 50% or more discount on a later day or last day of the sale.

 For instance you could enter a written bid for $80.  After the first day we call any winning bids early each morning before the sale reopens.

 So if the item was originally  $100 and has not yet sold, we look at all the bids and call the highest bidder that is above that days reduced price for the item. 

If your $80 bid is the highest, then we call you. If we call and can reach you, it is considered sold. Otherwise the next highest bidder is called.

 You must pay for the item that day and pick up the item before closing time on the last day of the Estate Sale. 



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