Additional Client Services Available


Clean out Services Before An Estate Sale

 There may be a need to clear may be a need to clear out room in order to conduct an Estate Sale. This can take many extra labor hours of a crew sorting and dumping what is unsalable. 

In the case of a hoarder estate there may be a need to clear out room in order to conduct an Estate Sale. This can take many extra labor hours of a crew sorting and dumping what is unsalable.

 Any personal items that are found as we sort through all areas of the property will be kept in a safe place for you. You can then determine if you would like to keep them! 

This clean out service cost is separate from the commission for selling your items during your Estate Sale. Often there are enough sellable items after the clean out so that your proceeds from the Estate sale that we conduct covers or exceeds your cost of the clean out. 


Clean out Services In place of an Estate Sale

A total house clean out prior to real estate closings might be the solution when there are insufficient items of value to conduct a traditional estate sale or when the village or city of the property forbids an estate sale.

In this case at direction of the client, we divest all personal property to be sold or auctioned offsite, arrange for a third party buy out, or facilitate donations, and bring in third party junk removal services for properly disposing of unsellable and hazardous items.  Our costs for this service may be commission and/or hourly. A no-frills sale can be conducted with the better items to offset or sometimes completely cover the fees involved in these types of clean outs.


Clean out Services after an Estate Sale

After Your Estate Sale


 While our goal is to sell all of your possessions there will almost always be some items that go unsold. Hidden Gems Estate Sales may be able to provide further sale options for many of your items. 

After Sale Buyouts / Consignments


  We network with individuals and companies that offer home and business buy outs, and with desirable and collectable items we can arrange for them to be consigned for auction.  

Donation Assistance



Donations - We can sort and box items acceptable for charity donations that will pick up at your location and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt. Depending on your tax situation this option may be preferable rather than selling items at close out prices.

Final Items Removed


 After any final sell offs and donations any remaining items can be thrown out curbside or with a dumpster or removed by a junk removal hauling service depending on the nature of the items. 

Hazardous Material Hauling


  Old rusty appliances and hazardous materials must be removed and properly disposed of. We then leave the home broom clean. 

Further Cleaning Services


We also network with cleaning services for carpet cleaning, household cleaning, or window cleaners to help ready your real estate property for sale. For out of town clients or those who prefer someone else to handle these tasks, we can help coordinate any or all of these efforts.