Frequently Asked Questions


What Is An Estate Sale?

How Do I Pay For The Estate Sale?

How Much Do You Charge?

 An estate sale can include the process of hiring a professional to come into your home and assess the value of items for sale. The services typically include sorting, organizing, researching, pricing and marketing your collections and furnishings. At the end of the sale an estate sale professional can also arrange to haul off or remove any items not sold and leave the estate property broom clean. 


How Do I Determine What Type Of Sale I Need? 

 When your home has enough items to sell that would fill an apartment or small house then you should consider an estate sale. This ensures you have enough items to bring in a healthy number of customers. If you have a lot of items but are mostly lower in value, you may want to consider a garage sale or other options. 


How long will it take?

 You should plan for the estate sale to take at least 2-3 weeks from start to finish. It could be shorter or even slightly longer depending on your estate sale size and needs.


Should I throw away Items that I think are junk? 

  Many homeowners might believe an item has little to no value and they dispose of it before an estate sales professional has the opportunity to review and provide valuation. Allow the estate sales company to do their job, and don’t throw anything out. 


How Much Do You Charge?

How Do I Pay For The Estate Sale?

How Much Do You Charge?


 We are paid a percentage of the gross sales. We pay for all set up costs, labor, and normal advertising. There are rarely any up-front costs for you. If there are, they are normally things like dumpster service if it is necessary. In addition to helping our clients with cleaning out the estate, it is in our common interest to present the most attractive sale we can and sell your items for as much as we can.  

What about items we want to keep? 

 Items that the family wishes to keep should be removed from the home prior to the sale.  If this is not possible and there is enough space, we will designate rooms or areas secured and off limits to customers.  Larger items will be marked “Not For Sale” before set up begins.   As we are going through boxes, closets, drawers, etc., we may happen upon personal items that might be valuable to the family.  We will always notify you of these found items and consult with you before selling them.  

 Once the family has decided what to keep, we will make another appointment with you to look at the contents of the estate. It is at this time when we will accept or decline a sale, based on what remains of value for the sale. We decide a percentage for commission and usually sign a contract with you at this point to perform the sale.  


How Do I Pay For The Estate Sale?

How Do I Pay For The Estate Sale?

How Do I Pay For The Estate Sale?

Hidden Gems  Estate sales charge based on a commission of sales except for added services our clients wish us to handle for them. There are no hidden fees. During the process if you  back out of the sale for any reason, then it’s appropriate for estate sale professionals to charge a fee for the many hours spent preparing for the sale.


What is expected of the client at the estate sale?

 In most cases, you won’t be expected to do anything. Just provide a phone number so you can be contacted with questions from time to time, especially in regards to sensitive items found during the evaluation process. 


How will I know how much items sold for?

   At the end of the sale, expect to get an easy to read report with an inventory list of the major items and what they sold for. The less expensive items are sold and reported by Category. The report will provide total sales and a clear calculation of the commission fees. 

Should I sell off my more valuable or collectibles items before having the estate Sale?

 Let's say you decide to sell your antiques, artwork, jewelry, watches, collectables or high end items to a store or dealers. Dealers try to buy at the lowest possible prices and then resell your items at true market prices.

 In most cases you may get the same or more money back from your estate sale than the dealer offers you and then you have less desirable items to attract people to your estate sale. It’s best to have a lot of wonderful items and collectables and have a bigger turnout for your Estate Sale. 

Those Estate sale customers may also end up buying your less valuable household items also. 

  That same thought goes for selling items to your friends and neighbors. Let us set the selling price and encourage them to attend the sale instead of taking away items that may increase your estate sale attendance. This may make your estate sale much more profitable.